iCal Event Maker - create iCalendar (.ics) to share your events
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Create iCalendar (.ics) file with this tool...
  • Single or Multiple events.
  • Repeating / Recurring events.
  • with Timezone support.
  • add Reminder.
  • Load your existing .ics file to edit the event(s).
  • Use .ics file to add event(s) to Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple iPhone and other Calendars.

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  • New
    Add calendar event(s) to the workspace.
  • Generate iCal
    Go to iCal (.ics) download page. Use for partial download.
  • show more
  • Load
    Load existing iCal file to workspace.
  • Clear
    Clear events from the workspace.
  • Options
    Events save option.
  • Hide Detail
    Show/Hide the event details section.
  • Hour Format
    Control hour format.
  • Date Format
    Control date format.
  • - Edit.
  • - Duplicate.
  • - Delete.