Blog iCal Event Maker - create iCalendar (.ics) to share your events

About iCal Event Maker

What you can do with iCal Event Maker

  • You can create all-day and time specific event data and save it as iCalendar format (RFC5545) '.ics' file.
  • You can load the content of .ics file to edit the events you already have.
  • By default events will be saved as long as you use the same browser. This behavior can be change in the "Options". (Some older browser will lose the events once you navigate away from the page.)
  • You can add Alert (Reminder) while downloading .ics file.

What you can do with the generated .ics file

  • You can host the .ics file on web (host it via dropbox.) or on intranet and share the events with other people. Most calendar application allows you to subscribe to an ical feed. (Great for creating quick event calendar and sharing with your work team, or club members)
  • You can load it to your calendar application (for instance google calendar, windows live calendar, yahoo calendar)
  • You can send the file to group of people to share the event data. Some email program, for instance iPhone, lets you import the events from the email program.

How does 'Load' functionality work?

  • You can select an iCalendar (.ics) file and load the events into the work place.
  • If you are loading an .ics file generated by this site, it should work without any issue.
  • For .ics files generated by other applications and tools, please make sure you select the correct timezone before you load the file. This will improve the compatibility
  • This tool is designed to work with most of the .ics files, but because the iCalendar format allows different ways to construct the .ics file, it might not always load the file correctly.

What you cannot do with iCal Event Maker

  • You cannot create any other data than the events data from the iCalendar specification (RFC5545).
  • You can only create event data with the allowed fields. It does not support all of the event fields specified in RFC5545. (Please make a request if you think any particular field should be added)
  • There is no hosting service provided by this site. Use for hosting your iCalendar file.


  • This application does not collect the personal event data entered by the application user. However, it might collect statistic information on how this application is being used.
  • In an event of an application failure, there is a chance that the event data entered by the user might be saved in the form of an application log, or a program dump.

Technical Detail

  • iCal Event Maker generates ical format file according to specification RFC5545.
  • Of the RFC5545, this application creates only the VEVENT type data.